The purposes for which AMERICANS WITH DOWN SYNDROME & AUTISM is formed are exclusively charitable and educational and consist of the following:

AMERICANS WITH DOWN SYNDROME & AUTISM is formed to provide assisted living services to adults and to operate assisted living facilities. AMERICANS WITH DOWN SYNDROME & AUTISM to provide respite care, day care, and transportation services. AMERICANS WITH DOWN SYNDROME & AUTISM to also engage in the acquisition and renovation of homes in the community, and to make affordable housing available to individuals and families in need of such housing.

To contribute to elevation of the economic, educational, and social levels of the residents of the community, including veterans, senior citizens, youths, women, members of the adult foster care community, homeless persons, members of the ethnic minority community, who are substantially unemployed, underemployed, or those whose income is below federal poverty guidelines; to foster and promote community-wide interest and concern for the problems facing young people, disadvantaged and handicapped persons to the end that ( 1) educational, vocational and economic opportunities may be developed and expanded, and pride in one’s community may be rediscovered; (2) sickness, poverty, crime, and environmental degradation may be lessened; and (3) racism, racial tensions, prejudice, and discrimination, economic and otherwise, may be eliminated.

To expand the opportunities available to the homeless, youths, disadvantaged, handicapped, and recovering people and their families to own, manage, and operate business enterprises; to assist such persons and their families in developing entrepreneurial and management skills necessary for the successful operation of business enterprises; and assist residents and groups in obtaining financial support from other sources.

To make available, opportunities to vulnerable, disadvantaged adults to increase and develop the skills necessary to live and work independently in society, or to live with dignity and humanely with their challenges and/or disabilities, to the extent their aptitudes will allow.

To expand opportunities available to homeless, disadvantaged, handicapped, aged, and recovering people and groups to obtain adequate low-cost housing accommodations by constructing, rehabilitating, and providing decent, safe and sanitary housing in the community for persons and families of low income who otherwise would not be able to find or afford a suitable place to live; to provide such housing by means of rehabilitation of existing substandard buildings and construction of new facilities in the place of blighted structures or blighted vacant sites for the purposes of combating the deterioration of the community and contributing to its physical improvement.

To solicit an receive grants, contributions, and other property, to enter into contracts, to engage needed personnel and services, and to transfer, hold and invest such real and personal property as may be necessary to carry out the purposes of AMERICANS WITH DOWN SYNDROME & AUTISM.