Raise in a family of compassionate do gooders, I was exposed to a diversity of students at age five. My mother became the head of IEP and Special Needs students for Lenawee County.

My father was a Baseball Coach. My parents were a powerful Dynamic Duo in my county. Because of the passion to help those in need, my siblings and myself became involved by volunteering at a very young age. At age seven, I have a very vivid memory of my position as a “Hugger” for the Special Olympic’s, this year marks 50 years as a Hugger and 25 year’s as a committee member.

As my mother grew in her position, so did I. Throughout my own career as an Environmentalist for the USDA/NRCS, Civil Rights Director for 6 county’s through the USDA, National Registry Medic on Life Flight, Business owner of Pneuma Holistic Living as a YET-RYTT, and Special Unit Medic for Catherine Cobb Domestic Violence Center.

Although my work schedule has always been full, It also remains part of my character to make time to hold a seat in many leadership committee’s in Lenawee County and throughout the state of Michigan.

Some committees include: Special Olympic’s, Community Mental Health, Athena Committee, Poor People’s Committee, Center for Peace and Justice, LLEAD, COSSA, USHLI-United States Hispanic Leadership Institute, Multicultural and Diversity Community Services. NAACP and the MLK Committee.

As a compassionate human and as Medic in Emergency Medicine, I have volunteered to watch over and care for Special needs children in the community for years. Parents are able get a mental and physical break, while spending much needed time together.

My commitment is to find quality care, education and resources so, “Quality of life” is obtained by all.

Linda Martinez