Louis Telerico, a Devine dedicated devoted person who has been working in helping the disabled his entire life. He has cared and worked with many aspects of disabilities including the blind, the mentally challenged, along with severely handicapped deft, and hearing impaired.  This admiration for the caring of the challenged started in his adolescent. He had to become his father’s eyes and ears starting at an exceedingly early age.  These good deeds of helping the disadvantaged has continued throughout his entire life over 49.0 years throughout his life.

Compassion: Louis Perry Telerico had attended John Glen High School where he had accompanied helped the mentally challenged students who attended this school. Always making these special students feel as if they were as well a part of being like the rest of the students within the school. However there came a time when one of our classmates had stepped over the line regarding these special students. The classmate found himself with a deplorable sense humor whereas he had attempting to taunt and make decorative comments towards one of these disadvantaged students. It was at this time Louis Perry Telerico had in fact again taken necessary action to respond with swift action to properly defused these unwarranted aggressions, with hopes to restore dignity to the affected  student that was tormented.

As a young adolescent I had been involved in the continued necessity of helping the handicapped and impaired community at large, this had been due an unselfishness approach along with a dedication to helping out a family member who were blind a guiding guidance was necessary being eyes for the visually impaired. This undertaking was a given in relation to the fact that my father of 48 years had been severely visually blind.

My personal dedication and unselfish approach and determination to helping in any way that was possible for his betterment. I believe that this was my awakening or calling in turn had started my personal vision about caring for others that were so challenged. I believe that these underlying set of circumstances would be expected from every son or daughter who might be faced with these unforeseen set of challenges given to a family.

Taking time out for others along with the understanding of one’s disparities has learned that one of life’s most important lessons is to have thoughtfulness and compassion for others. Through time thoughtfulness experience I have acquired a strong determination on a more forward approach in the outreaching adding assisting those who in which are impaired disabled or mentally challenged.

I have found through this life it gives us experiences that can dramatically effect on one’s outlook with a little perseverance some can overcome many of the challenges that seem to be impossible at the time  due to a disability.  A positive meaningful outcome is always possible no matter what challenge forego.

By many experiences I have been able to develop a leadership set of skills for a positive approach in achieving a common goal no matter what may be present, progress can only be obtained by movement effort and determination.

For many years I had spent time attending school on becoming a fireman where my goal was to serve and help as a public servant. I also have two disabled children of that I provide necessary care for one having downs syndrome along with Autism, challenges are of those that involve lifelong comments and a continuous care for the ones who cannot care for themselves. I have and continue to illustrate experiences in the ability to achieve positive approach for achieving progress along with a meaningful approach for success to the understanding these and many types of disabilities.

Our ambitions are to make every effort in the development of a safe affordable and self-sustaining community for the disadvantaged people that will result in having little to minimal footprint on our society, while maintaining a comfortable way of live due to their unfortunate developmental circumstances, in which we all may take for granite.  This thoughtful approach will involve providing today’s most up to date energy efficient mechanical stems that are available so that they can run to be completely self- sustaining by the utilization of  Solar, Wind, Geothermal, Battery Power Storage Energy Systems, along with alternatively green building products systems and technologies that are better suited for higher energy efficiencies in today’s tomorrow’s community housing developments.

My personal admiration is to provide a community based upon better living equalities for all disadvantaged families along with necessary immediate care in educating their families for special needs children, adults, in properly planning for their futures, so that being self-sufficient energy independent for the future of community developments and having the fulfillment of being self-sustaining.